Best Instagram Video Ideas for Brands in 2023

Instagram is a well-known marketing platform. It has risen beyond anyone’s predictions in recent years, and the demographics of Instagram’s audience make it appealing to businesses across many industries. In recent years, Instagram has seen explosive growth in its user base, to a point where its active users are now over 1.3 billion. This makes it one of the best platforms for brands to market their portfolio.

But every other brand out there is trying to do the same, and in this world of stiff competition, you need creative ideas to beat the game. Certain tricks make for very engaging content and help build your presence on the platform. Videos differ from pictures in that they necessitate a different level of spectator participation. Today, we will begin with the six best Instagram video ideas that brands could use in 2022. Examine our several suggestions and select the ones that best suit your company or brand. Before we do that, we need to understand the different types of Instagram videos and how they work.

Types of Instagram Video feeds

Instagram Feed Videos

Uploading an Instagram feed video goes directly on your feed for all your viewers to see. This video type has a 3-sec minimum and a maximum of a minute. This makes this video format perfect for short videos you have been shooting for a while. It’s also ideal for testing what your audience likes and what they are after. Instagram feed videos are vertical, meaning the aspect ratio is 1:1, a square to 4:5 for more of a vertical video. In recent times, vertical videos have exploded and gained many viewers. The 4:5 vertical video uses more screen space, engaging your viewers with the content. Using an Instagram video editor You can make such videos online.

Instagram Stories

You have to admit that these Instagram video stories can be entertaining. The more you watch, the more you want. Part of the reason it is so addictive is that these videos carry a personality and humanizing factor that makes us connect to their story emotionally. The aspect ratio of these videos is 9:16 and uses the entire screen space for a more engaging delivery of your story. These videos can be up to 15 seconds, and since these videos are vertical, your viewers don’t have to bother with turning their phones sideways to enjoy the content. There are no limits to how many stories you can post each day, and even though these stories expire after 24 hours, you can surely post more stories before your older videos expire, and they will stack up in order.

Instagram TV

While both Instagram feed videos and stories are equally addictive and fun to watch, they can be too short for the account you want to tell. Storytelling is a skill and needs the right amount of time, which is impossible with feed videos and stories with a maximum of 1 minute and 15 seconds, respectively. Instagram TV is like a mix of the standard length of YouTube videos and the vertical format of Instagram. Instagram TV videos can be as long as 10 minutes, enough time to sell your story. With the right idea, this video format can win you the audience you need in no time.

Six Best Instagram Video Ideas

Teaser Videos

As the name suggests, these videos tease the audience about specific products, offers, new services or a peek into what you plan to release. Here are some examples of teaser videos-

  • Key product features and takeaway.
  • Promote the launch of a new product or a quick behind-the-scenes of how you made the product.
  • Talk to the camera directly to promote a discount offer or an event you plan to hold.

Time Lapse Videos

Brands always like to showcase what their products are and what they offer, and in that context, they forget to showcase the humans behind the organization. Showing your business’ behind-the-scenes footage about and with your employees shows the human side of your business and helps your audience engage with your brand at an emotional level. So try to build time-lapse videos to showcase what you are working on without revealing much. Some companies specialize in developing time-lapse videos. You can also contact such video makers for your organization’s time-lapse videos.

Explainer Videos

Brands fear it could be ‘too promotional’ when shooting a promo video, and these concerns are entirely valid. People often tend to miss the natural essence when shooting a promo video. But you know who doesn’t care if it feels too promotional? Your real audience. Your loyal audience started following you because they are genuinely interested in hearing what you have to say. So, shed your fear of being ‘too promotional’ and connect with your fans the way you want.

User Videos

If your products are good, your fans are bound to share their real-life experiences with their acquaintances and followers. Use user-generated videos, and it is bound to capture new audiences who may also be in a similar situation. The videos may help them to rely on and trust your brand. According to Sproutsocial’s survey, user-generated content can have a 4.5% higher conversion rate.

Stop-motion Videos

Stop-motion videos are pictures that are stacked and showcased with the proper audio sync. They say a picture can speak a thousand words, and this is how you mold it to demonstrate your marketing skills better. With stop-motion video, you can get creative and turn a simple event into something extraordinary. You can employ items and props to get creative and deliver the message you want.

Talking Head Videos

It is one of the best ideas and is also the one that is the easiest to shoot.

Get in front of a camera and talk about yourself and your brand. It essentially puts a face to what usually is a faceless organization.


These were some of the best Instagram video ideas for brands in 2023. Which one of these do you like the most? We hope you find this post valuable to scale up your Instagram game.